I hate you!

An example of a common exaggeration. The word hate is used so much that it has lost all true meaning. Besides with your good friends you can issuse a totally devestating insult, but it’s okay because it’s just banter!

But that is not the example I wish to dwell upon. An exaggeration I deeply dislike (but not hate), is when people comment on something as being ‘shit’. Now I’m not talking about when people say something tastes like shit, but when people comment on, for example, how a television show is shit.

Not necessarily a whole show, but episodes of a popular series. Cause I guess (not in the literal sense) some shows can actually be shit. No, my example today is a quote from a good (that too is an exaggeration) friend of mine, “That episode of Heroes was shit.”

Now, it’s hard not to be slightly biased when you like something, but I find it hard to believe that episodes of Heroes, a critically acclaimed show, could actually be ‘shit’. Okay, for those who don’t like the show to begin with, fair do’s, you wouldn’t like the episodes to begin with, but for someone who watches the show to describe an episode as ‘shit’ is just wrong.

I mean, sure episodes can be slow, boring, cliché, dull, unimaginative etc… but as long as characters are doing totally crazy crap with weird and wonderful powers, then it’s hard to have a harsh opinion of it. True, on reflection, the episode in question was quite dull, in fact very few weird and wonderful powers were used… but some episodes have to be like that to contribute to the story, give it depth perhaps.

To move on; when popular shows keep being reissused for more series’ just to squeeze money out of the franchise, the episodes do get dull and the storyline gets weaker. Prison Break for example had an extremely good first series (the one where they actually broke out of prison), but has been declining in quality ever since. That being said, I still could not describe any of the episodes as ‘shit’.

Thing is, these shows being described as ‘shit’ are the critically acclaimed ones, which begs the question… If all of our greatest shows are shit, what the hell happened?!

It seems, in my opinion, that shows with very little or no underlying storyline end up being the better, more successful ones. House is a great example. Each episode is a new case, sure House may have some problems going on in the background in each episode, but if all you care about is the medical mystery, there’s always a whole bunch of that too! Shows like these are able to keep it fresh, and could always make up some lame excuse as to why the underlying story stops, cause nobody would really care! All you watch House for is the initial premise of the show (well, I do anyway), so I don’t particularly care about what else is happening. Though I must say the competition to find a new team in series 4 was pretty good.

I often find though, that shows I once regarded as mediocre (e.g. Chuck), are much better in comparison to some of the generally better shows that have declined in quality. It’s a simple lighthearted comedy with a different mission in each episode (also with some underlying storyline), but the main good thing about it is consistency! It may be a mediocre show, but it’s consistently mediocre, never getting significantly better, but never getting worse either.

I think (although they tend to be better) that American shows fall down sometimes because of the length of their series’. I mean sure, 24 episodes great! Plenty of time to have a good storyline. But where they fall short is when they don’t know how to fill the episodes and the show ends up watered down so as to stretch the story out for longer. then again, I don’t know which I prefer, long series which sometimes drag on, or short series (i.e. here in the UK) where the episodes are good, but there’re not nearly enough of them! 6 episodes is genuinely pathetic. For a comedy sketch show it can be forgiven sometimes as there’s only a certain amount of funny that can be though up. But for shows like Life On Mars, only 8 episodes in each series?! Come on! It was such a good show as well, I was left hungering for more.

To conclude, I ask you this: are the bad episodes of shows really, truly, genuinely ‘shit’? Or are you just exaggerating and being overly opinionated in order to sound like you know what’s what when it comes to critically analysing TV shows?

Think about it.

Song: ‘Over It – Dishonour, Disorder’


~ by Bagelfish on March 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Exaggeration”

  1. This blog is sh*t

  2. Just kidding, it had to be done.

    But I agree 100% on Life on Mars, eight episodes as abysmal!

    At least the American series has like 24 episodes. But then again it’ll be americanised tat

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